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The Studio

Every BODY is Welcome



Nohra Yoga is located at Nutrition World's Wellness Corner (6237 Vance Road, Chattanooga, TN)  partnering with other practitioners in your wellness journey. Through ClearSpring Yoga I have been honored to serve the yoga needs of the Chattanooga community for more than 20 years.  Now Nohra Yoga is proud to be a part of Nutrition World's stellar health community which has been providing health products and services for the past 40 years, The joining of  Nohra Yoga  to the Nutrition World family strengthens everyone.

As a yoga instructor, I bring my extensive experience and unique teaching style to the East Brainerd facility. Yoga is for everyone, and can be practiced by anyone. You can expect to see all shapes, sizes and ability levels in his classes, and Every Body is welcome.


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